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Frantz Gumbs, past président de la COM de Saint Martin

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Frantz Gumbs, member and Past-President of St-Martin Nord Rotary-Club, also known as vice-principal of the Lycée of St-Martin & St-Barthelemy, swept into power as new President of the "Collectivité de St-Martin" (French West Indies) at an extraordinary meeting of the Territorial Council on Thursday August 7, 2008, after winning the 23-councillor vote with a clear majority.

Frantz Gumbs, formerly president of Union Pour le Progrès (UPP) party, defeated the interim president, by 15 votes to 7, to succeed Louis-Constant Fleming, who was forced to step down as President, following an ineligibility sanction by the National French State Council.

Rotary Club Saint Martin Nord