Rotary Club de Saint-Martin Nord

Members 2020-2021

Justin Anicette
Justin AnicettePast President 2005-2006
Member since 1999
Water supply (retired)
Fabienne Bellenoue
Fabienne BellenouePresident 2020-2021
Member since 2018
Siné Condé
Siné CondéPast President 1995-1998
Founder Member
Member since 1988
Active Dean
Jean-Luc de La Haye
Jean-Luc de La HayePast President 2000-2001 / 2018-2019
Member since 1990.
Expert Engineer
Frantz Gumbs
Frantz GumbsEffectif Commission
Past President 2002-2003
Member since 1996
Retired Principal
Collectivity President 2008-2012
Régine Hée
Régine HéeTreasurer
Rotary Foundation Commission
Member since 2015
Marina management (retired)
Catherine Minguet
Catherine MinguetPast President 1999-2000
Member since 1992
Art business
Jean Arnell
Jean ArnellMember
Member since 2020
Rigobert Benjamin
Rigobert BenjaminPast-President 2019-2020
Member since 2016
Building company
Jean-Gabriel Crespin
Jean-Gabriel CrespinHead of Protocol
Club Administration Commission
Past President 1994-1995 & 2015-2016
Member since 1989
René-Jean Duret
René-Jean DuretPast President 1993-1994 & 2004
Natural Disaster Sub-Commission
Member since 1990
Retired construction engineer
Expert in International Technical Cooperation
Georges Gumbs
Georges GumbsPast President 1998-1999
Member since 1988
Retail trade
Alexis Javois
Alexis JavoisFounder Member
Member since 1988
Active Dean
Nicolas Maslach
Nicolas MaslachMember
Member since 2014
Director of the Natural Reserve
Josiane Artsen-Fleming
Josiane Artsen-FlemingActions Commission
Past President 2011-2013
Member since 2004
University Director
Rosalie Boirard
Rosalie BoirardMember
Member since 2018
Sandra Decoux
Sandra DecouxOnline Marketing & Communication
Public Image Commission
Member since 2019.
Web Agency CEO
Victor Gibbs
Victor GibbsFounder Member
Past. 7020 District Governor
Member since 1988
Active Dean
Paul Harmon
Paul HarmonPast President 2010-2011
Member since 2004
Active Dean
Bruno Lizé
Bruno LizéSecretary & Elected President 2020-2021
Member since 2018
Jasmine Sally
Jasmine SallyVice-President
Past Presidente 2009-2010 & 2017-2018
Member since 2006
Accounting secretary