Rotary Club de Saint-Martin Nord - French West Indies


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Rotary Club de Saint-Martin Nord

Members 2023-2024

2023-2024 Board

  • President: Jean-Thierry Arnell
  • Immediate Past-President: Nicolas Maslach
  • Vice-President: Georges Gumbs
  • Secretary: Valérie Renard
  • Treasurer: Régine Hée
  • Head of Protocol: Rosalie Boirard
  • 2024-2025 Elected President: Jean-Marie Renard
Justin Anicette
Justin AnicettePast President 2005-2006
Member since 1999
Water supply (retired)
Lisa Barrot
Lisa BarrotMember
Member since 2023
Rosalie Boirard
Rosalie BoirardHead of Protocole
Member since 2018
Sandra Decoux
Sandra DecouxPublic Image Commission
Member since 2019.
Web Agency CEO
Victor Gibbs
Victor GibbsFounder Member
Past. 7020 District Governor
Member since 1988
Active Dean
Georges Gumbs
Georges GumbsVice-President
Mental Health & Wellness Commission
Past President 1998-1999
Member since 1988
Retail trade
Nicolas Maslach
Nicolas MaslachPast President 2022-2023 & 2021-2022
Member since 2014
Director of the Natural Reserve
Valérie Renard
Valérie RenardSecretary
Member since 2022
Jeanne Vanterpool
Jeanne VanterpoolMember
Member since 2023
Jean- Thierry Arnell
Jean- Thierry ArnellPresident
Member since 2020
Fabienne Bellenoue
Fabienne BellenouePast-President 2020-2021
Member since 2018
Siné Condé
Siné CondéTreasurer Assistant
Past President 1995-1998
Founder Member
Member since 1988
Active Dean
Jean-Luc de La Haye
Jean-Luc de La HayePast President 2000-2001 / 2018-2019
Member since 1990.
Expert Engineer
Alain Guillon
Alain GuillonMember
Member since 2023
Régine Hée
Régine HéeTreasurer
Member since 2015
Marina management (retired)
Catherine Minguet
Catherine MinguetRotary Foundation Commission
Past President 1999-2000
Member since 1992
Art business
 Thérèse Toanou
Thérèse ToanouMembre
Member since 2022
Chartered Accountant - Statutory Auditor
Josiane Artsen-Fleming
Josiane Artsen-FlemingStaff Commissions
Past President 2011-2013
Member since 2004
University Director
Rigobert Benjamin
Rigobert BenjaminPast-President 2019-2020
Member since 2016
Building company
Jean-Gabriel Crespin
Jean-Gabriel CrespinClub Administration Commission
Past President 1994-1995 & 2015-2016
Member since 1989
René-Jean Duret
René-Jean DuretPast President 1993-1994 & 2004
Member since 1990
Retired construction engineer
Expert in International Technical Cooperation
Frantz Gumbs
Frantz GumbsPast President 2002-2003
Member since 1996
Retired Principal
Collectivity President 2008-2012
Alexis Javois
Alexis JavoisFounder Member
Member since 1988
Active Dean
Jean-Marie Renard
Jean-Marie Renard2024-2025 Elected President
Action Commission
Member since 2022
Insurance - Branch Manager
Jasmine Sally
Jasmine SallyStaff & Public Image Commissions
Past President 2009-2010 & 2017-2018
Member since 2006
Accounting secretary
Rotary Club Saint Martin Nord