Rotary Club de Saint-Martin Nord - French West Indies

Rotary Club Saint-Martin Nord

Our Ongoing Actions

Irma - Rehabilitation of disaster affected houses

Partnership with the National Association of Compagnons-Bâtisseurs for the rehabilitation of damaged houses (financing of external doors and windows only, with the AIDS-M integration association).

The roof structure work being financed by the Fondation de France:

  • 1st part: 4 housing units completed and a cheque for €5,610 given by our club to the ANCB on April 3.
  • 2nd part: 16 housing units completed (for an amount of €22,145) with co-financing from District 7020.
  • 3rd part: Roof rainwater harvesting on 40 housing units, pending approval by The Rotary Foundation, for co-funding.
Rotary Club Saint Martin Nord