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Irma - Mangrove regeneration

Seedling nursery for mangrove regeneration

Nicolas reports on the progress of this project, which is co-financed 50% by our club and 50% by the Natural Reserve:

  • Request for additional funding from the Reserve from IFRECOR - Unsuccessful;
  • Agreement of the Conservatoire du Littoral on the chosen site (Salines d'Orient, along the road);
  • Declaration of works submitted and under investigation to the Urban Planning Department;
  • Receipt of a methodological guide from the MICN (International Mission for Nature Conservation);
  • Programming of the intervention of agents of the ACED integration association, not available before mid-May, to ensure the establishment of the nursery and then the planting of seedlings;
  • Acquisition of seedlings - Ongoing steps;
  • Installation of the site panel for the future nursery.
Rotary Mangrove Nursery
Site sign at the site of the Mangrove Nursery
Rotary Club Saint Martin Nord